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React.js is a JavaScript library that emerged from recent JavaScript paradigm shift: replacement of multi-page website with single-page application design. This site was made for traditional JavaScript programmers as well as complete novice to the craft. This React tutorial site was designed to help you save a trip to a book store and get started quickly.

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Here you can contact the author of tutorials on this site. Tutorial requiests are welcome. If you can't find something online and wish me to write about it, let me know!

If you'd like to make a donation or have a question about my React Book book, want to submit a React JS tutorial request, make a content suggestions or a correction to existing tutorials then you can contact me by using this form.

Looking For Info About My Free Courses?

If you subscribed to this site via a tutorial page you might be wondering about the Free Premium-Quality React.js Courses and how you are going to receive them. Well, every once in a while I produce an exceptionally high-quality React tutorial. I ensure that it gets delivered to your email address. There are no ads, no junk. The purpose is free education in a pretty decent presentation, ripe with insightful examples.

It's something I started doing recently and there is one tutorial being made about every week or so. If you haven't received one yet, eventually you will. They take time to make, and I want to use your email only to send the best possible content. But expect to receive about 2-3 tutorials per month or so.

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